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Hi-Force Cylinders

The extensive range of Hi-Force hydraulic cylinders includes a wide choice of options related to capacity, stroke length, single or double acting operation, steel or aluminium construction, hollow piston centre hole and mechanical failsafe lock ring designs. All models are 700 bar maximum working pressure and capacities range from 4.5 tonnes to 520 tonnes, with special design cylinders also available on request. There is a Hi-Force cylinder to suit every application and the high quality design and construction of all models, using the best available materials, ensure that Hi-Force hydraulic cylinders can cope with the most demanding applications in the harshest working conditions. 



HVL Range

Single Acting Very Low Height 

Pancake Cylinders  

10 to 104 tonnes / 6mm stroke

HPS Range

Single Acting Low Height 

Pad Cylinders

4.5 to 147 tonnes / 6 to 16mm stroke

HLS Range

Single Acting Low Height 


10 to 147 tonnes / 25 to 60mm stroke

HSS Range

Single Acting Multi-Purpose


4.5 to 109 tonnes / 25 to 457mm stroke

HHS Range

Single Acting Hollow Piston 


11 to 102 tonnes / 25 to 152mm stroke

HHR Range

Double Acting Hollow Piston 


33 to 247 tonnes / 51 to 305mm stroke


HDA Range

Double Acting High Tonnage


25 to 520 tonnes / 152 to 508mm stroke

HFL Range

Single Acting Low Height Failsafe

Lock Ring Cylinders

50 to 520 tonnes / 45 to 51mm stroke

HFG Range

Single Acting Failsafe Lock Ring


50 to 520 tonnes / 50 to 152mm stroke



HAS Range

Single Acting Solid Piston

Aluminium Cylinders

32 to 110 tonnes / 51 to 305mm stroke

HHA Range

Single Acting Hollow Piston

Aluminium Cylinders

18 to 52 tonnes / 51 to 105mm stroke

HFA Range

Single Acting Failsafe Lock Ring

Aluminium Cylinders 

32 to 110 tonnes / 51 to 305mm stroke



HRA Range

Double Acting High Tonnage

Aluminium Cylinders

32 to 110 tonnes / 51 to 305mm stroke

HGG Range

Single Acting Load Return

High Tonnage Industrial Cylinders

152 to 326 tonnes / 155mm stroke

HSG Range

Single Acting Load Return

High Tonnage Construction Cylinders 

152 to 326 tonnes / 152mm stroke



HPC Range

Single Acting Pull Cylinders

10 to 50 tonnes / 152mm stroke

 PCS Sets

Pump & Cylinder Sets

4.5 to 109 tonnes / 10 to 153mm stroke

Cylinder Saddles & Piston Rods

Cylinder Saddles &

Piston Rod Specifications 


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