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Hi-Force Puller Kits

The Hi-Force range of hydraulic puller kits comprises of self-contained and remote operation, manually operated, 2 and 3-way jaw type pullers, with or without auto-centre option, bearing pullers, bearing cup pullers and crosshead pullers. The range offers pulling capacities up to 50 tonnes. All components are manufactured from high strength alloy and drop forged steel. 


Additionally, Hi-Force also offers hydraulic pin and bush puller and instalment tool kits with capacities up to 50 tonnes at 700 bar working pressure, ideally suited for use on heavy duty trucks, earthmoving equipment and crane and jib arm lifting equipment.



SCP Range

Self-Contained Hydraulic Pullers

10 to 30 tonnes capacity

ACP Range

Auto-Centre Hydraulic Puller Kits

10 to 50 tonnes capacity

PKS Range

2 & 3 Way Puller Kits

10 to 50 tonnes capacity



PKC Range

Comprehensive Hydraulic Puller Kits

10 to 50 tonnes capacity

HPR Range

Pin & Bush Replacement Tool Kits

37 to 50 tonnes capacity

HBR Range

Spring Eye Bush Replacement Kits

18 tonnes capacity


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