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Speciality Tools

The Hi-Force speciality tool range includes specialised tools for use on specific applications. The range includes hydraulic hole punchers for heavy duty steel plates, knock out punchers for electrical control panels and thin steel plates and hydraulic pipe benders. All tools are 700 bar maximum working pressure and can be operated using standard range Hi-Force hydraulic pumps and accessories.



HHP Range

Hole Punchers

HKP Range

Knock Out Punchers

PB Range

Hydraulic Pipe Bender

The Hi-Force HHP series hydraulic hole puncher range offers a choice of two models comprising of the HHP30, 30 tonnes capacity single acting version, and the HHP50, 50 tonnes capacity double acting version. Both models are suitable for punching holes in steel plate as per the respective capacity of each model and are supplied complete with standard punch and die sets and an integral positioning and carrying handle.

  • Punching force up to 50 tonnes
  • Throat depth up to 75 mm
  • Working pressure 700 bar

The Hi-Force HKP knock out puncher range is supplied as a complete set, including all standard sizes of punches/dies. Ideal for use in several punching applications including on-site hole punching in electric control panels and metal plates.




    • Capacity 10 tonnes
    • Standard die sets included
    • Working pressure 700 Bar

    The Hi-Force hydraulic pipe bender is designed to bend various sizes and thicknesses of JIS standardised conduit pipes ranging from 16 to 82 mm (½” to 3”). Made of aluminium, the bending frame and pivot shoes are lightweight so that it can be easily carried on and off site, and can be operated by any manual or powered pump up to 700 bar.


    • Capacity 10 tonnes
    • Bends up to 90 degrees
    • Working pressure 700 bar



    MSB Range

    Steel Tool Boxes


    Hi-Force offers users a choice of four tool box models that can be used for storing and transporting Hi-Force products and accessories. These tool boxes are of strong durable steel construction and have an anti-corrosion powder coating making them resistant to rust and abrasion and hence suitable for long term use at on-site locations, workshops and service centres.

    Available in lengths of 620 to 1,100 mm, these lockable tool boxes help control authorised tool usage, maintain tool integrity and protect them in harsh environments.

    • Metal storage and transport box
    • Width up to 500 mm
    • Strong durable steel construction


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