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RAD Torque Systems

Apex Hydraulics has held a distributorship with RAD Torque Systems for some years now. Spare parts are stocked in house for supply and for repairs. An increased demand for cordless battery tools has been foremost in the market. RAD produces various models in the battery, brushless range including Digital Battery tools.

Tools & Spare Parts

 Digital B-RAD

The Digital B-RAD has a fully programmable display and single increment torque setting in both ft.lbs and Nm.


Each Digital B-RAD is individually calibrated and NATA Traceable with an accuracy of +/- 5%.


Ideally suited to field environments, the DB-RAD tool has a colour screen with a keypad and visual LED indicator lights which are programmable by the user.


The Digital B-RAD is supplied in a weatherproof storage box with two batteries, charger and reaction arm.



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