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ToughLift Jacking Systems

The Hi-Force ToughLift jacking system offers users the easiest and safest method of lifting material haulers in the mining and construction industry and locomotives in the railway industry, when critical maintenance and breakdown repair work is required. Suitable for lifting even the largest earth haulers in the world, the Hi-Force ToughLift is available in 50, 100, 150 and 200 tonnes lifting capacities.


  • Capacities from 50 to 200 tonnes  
  • Lifting heights up to 685mm
  • Working pressure 700 bar 
  • Choice of 8 models with air or electric driven hydraulic system
  • High speed 3-stage pump unit offers faster advance and retract times, both under load and no load 
  • Solid tyres fitted as standard with option of pneumatic tyres 
  • Narrow width wheels and redesigned wheel position for better ground clearance and balance when manoeuvring 
  • Longer, robust 4-position lifting handle design for increased leverage and manoeuvrability on 100, 150 and 200 tonnes models   
Toughlift Jacks
  • Integral airline filter, lubricator and pressure regulator unit on air driven models. Option of auto-drain unit available on request.
  • Push button remote hand pendant controller with 5 metre control cable
  • Tilting saddles fitted as standard on all models
  • Load tonnage gauge fitted as standard on 100, 150 and 200 tonne models
  • User friendly design with easily accessible maintenance features 
  • Wide range of accessories available for even greater versatility

TL Range

Toughlift Jacking Systems 

50 to 200 tonnes



ToughLift Accessories

Hi-Force offers a range of extensions and load block sets for use with ToughLift jacking systems.


Slip lock extensions can be used in multiples up to the maximum height.

Load lock extensions can only be used one at a time, however, they can be used in conjunction with slip lock extensions.

Both extension options must terminate with a swivel tilting saddle on the top of the extension stack.

ToughLift Accessories

Base mounted spacers increase the closed height by 300mm. This optional extra is available for ToughLift model TLA20015 only and weighs 78.5 kgs.



Please suffix model number with ā€œEā€ when ordering.


Toughlift Accessories

Slip Lock & Load Lock Extensions,

Load Block Sets & Spacers



Watch the below video to see the Toughlift in action...


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