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Data collection technology for the Bolting Industry


Torq-Comm are set to revolutionise the collection and control of critical data with their range of hand held, industrial strength PCs designed specifically for industrial bolting applications. Apex Hydraulics is partnering up with CK Energy Services and Torq-Comm USA to bring the latest hand held Bolt Torque Data Collection Technology to you. The software is fail safe software to correct bolt torque application in all applications, ensuring leak free joints with full traceability.

  • The Torq-Comm device collects data while generating registers, calculating bolt torque figures and correct bolting sequences and much, much more.
  • GPS location and date & time stamp for each bolt
  • Remote wireless pump control
  • Cloud storage of data and automated transmission to the server enables real-time reporting and current job status
  • Remote access to the latest work instructions for each job
  • Interface capabilities with other electronic output devices
  • Compatible with ANY hydraulic pump and ANY power pack.
  • Works with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G & 4G

Torq-Comm device

  Click on the image above to view the 2018 brochure from Torq-Comm

 Contact our sales department for more information or to request a demonstration of the new software