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Product Updates



Apex Hydraulics in partnership with CK Energy Services and Torq-Comm USA, bring the latest hand held Bolt Torque Data Collection Technology to you. The software is a fail safe software to correct bolt torque application in all applications, ensuring leak free joints with full traceability. View the latest brochure in our Product Range drop-down menu or click on the below links for data sheets on the available Torq-Comm devices.  Alternatively, contact Andy Robinson on 9591 1288 to arrange a demonstration at our premises. 


Commander XT1000

Commander XT2000 - Wireless







HDA5020 Cylinders

The HDA5020 is a new addition to the range of cylinders offered by Hi Force. At 50 tonnes capacity, this new double acting high capacity cylinder provides fast and controlled piston advance and retraction for continuous duty cycle operations. Ideal for construction, maintenance, presswork and industrial applications, the HDA5020 offers heavy duty lifting solutions with a stroke length of 508mm.


HDA Cylinders








ToughLift Jacking Systems

Hi-Force has recently released the new and improved range of ToughLift Jacking Systems.


With the addition of the TLA20027, there a 8 models available with 50, 100, 150 and 200 tonne lifting capacities. Available now with the following features:-


  • 3-speed pump unit which increases output resulting in faster advance and retract times
  • Load tonnage pressure gauge fitted as standard
  • Redesigned wheel position and base plate offer increased ground clearance and better handling over various terrains
  • Option of solid or pneumatic wheels
  • New handle design increases leverage by 27% to aid manoeuvrability
  • 5 metre control cable with push button remote hand pendant controller
  • Tank volume has increased by 47% to enable use of larger cylinders, up to 27” and 200 tonnes

Optional accessories such as slip lock and load lock extensions, flat saddles and load block sets add to the versatility of the ToughLift range. 





Internal Weld Testers and Flange Weld Testers Now Available

Internal Weld Testers  are designed to pressure test weld neck flanges, flange joints and plain pipe butt welds eliminating the need for a full system test. The tools are inserted into the line and positioned with the seals either side of the test area. The tool is then set and the annulus between the seals is then fitted/vented with the test medium and pressurised.  They can also be used to provide isolation during welding operations.

 Internal Weld Tester

Flange Weld Testers are designed to pressure test various types of flange connections including weld neck, slip-on, Quickflange, lap joint etc. The tools are inserted into the flange connection and fastened up. The tool is then set and the annulus between the seal and the flange is then filled/vented with the test medium and pressurised to the flange rating.

 Flange Weld Tester


Internal and Flange Weld Testers are manufactured from high grade carbon steel and the seals are made from special polyurethane which has a low hysterisis. All units are hydro tested prior to shipment and supplied with full operating instructions and pre-delivery reports.  


Available for short or long term rental, Internal Weld Testers are available from 2" through to 36" and Flange Weld Testers are available from 1/2" through to 36". All tools have a testing capacity of up to ANSI 1500 and can be shortened or lengthened to suit your specific project requirements.  


Hi-Force Hydraulic Tools - Skates and Skate Kits

Hi-Force have recently overhauled their entire range of skates and skate kits to offer a more versatile and comprehensive range.


The RKT Roller Skate Kit has a load capacity of up to 35 tonnes. It is comprised of a twin skate roller fitted with a turntable, two single skates fitted with top plates, a handle and a link bar.


RSN Multipurpose Skates are low profile and available in a variety of capacities from 10 to 80 tonnes. The RSN Multipurpose Skates offer an economical and simple way of positioning  irregular and heavy loads making them ideal for use in the construction, mining and steel industries.


RSA Heavy Duty Skates replace the RSH range. These skates are suited to movement of heavy loads such as transformers, generators, turbines and machinery. There are 6 models in the range, with capactiies of 15-85 tonnes.


The RKF Roller Skate Kit range replaces the RSC range and is suited to moving moderately heavy equipment over short distances. The RFK Skate Kit is available in 3 models at 20, 30 and 60 tonnes. The design of this kit provides smooth travel with at least 5 rollers on the floor at all times.


The RSG & RSD Heavy Duty Skates with Grooved Side ranges are replacing the REX and RSX ranges. The RSG range are single moving skates with up to 200 tonne capacities on each skate. The RSD range is a double roller skate with a capacity of up to 400 tonnnes per skate.


Hi-Force Hydraulic Tools - Design Updates

Hi-Force has recently changed the design of the CH1000 hydraulic cable crimping head, which is now referred to as the CH1000N.


The design has been changed to make the tool increasingly compact and therefore more user friendly.  Various dimensions of the tool have been reduced, most notably the overall length of the tool which has been changed from 17.93 inches to 17.55 inches.


The CH1000N remains suitable for crimping distribution and transmission lines up to 1000m2, however the output tonnes capacity has been increased from 55 tonnes to 66 tonnes.


New Cylinders from Hi-Force Hydraulic Tools


Hi-Force has recently added the HSS258 to the range of single acting multi-purpose cylinders. The additional model offers a 25 tonne capacity and a stroke length of 203mm.


An additional model has also been added to the HFG range of single acting failsafe lock ring cylinders.  The HFG502 offers a 50 tonne capacity and a 150mm stroke.


Both of these new models have been added due to a regular demand from the market and are available with immediate effect.  Contact or phone Helen on 9591 1288.

HFG 502 Cylinder