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Crimpers & Cutters

Hi-Force hydraulic crimping tools are designed and manufactured for crimping un-insulated compression and mechanical connectors, in copper and aluminium, to a wide range of electrical power cables including distribution and transmission lines. Hi-Force cable crimping tools are available in the following options:

  • self contained operation with inbuilt manually operated hydraulic pump mechanism
  • separate remote operation crimping head for use with a separate hydraulic pump and hose assembly, and
  • battery operated.

All models are designed and manufactured for use at 700 Bar working pressure, supplied complete with all applicable die sets, compatible for use with the selected tool and include a convenient carrying and storage case.


All remote operation crimper heads must be operated with a compatible Hi-Force 700 Bar hydraulic pump unit, fitted with an inbuilt pump safety overload, pressure relief valve, 700 Bar pressure gauge and 700 Bar rated hydraulic hose assembly.


CH Cable crimping heads

SC Self contained cable crimping tools

BC Battery operated crimping tools

BC Accessories

HCH Hydraulic cutter heads

CT Self contained hydraulic cutters

HWC Hammer blow wire rope and cable cutters

HSWC Self contained hydraulic wire rope cutters

HWRC Double acting wire rope cutters

HCC Chain cutters